Hobby or Career


Don’t you think that your usual hobby can be turned into a career or a new venture, which can bring you not only money but satisfaction as well.

Turning a Hobby into a Career

Every day we are bombarded with the notion of having fun in our works. Unfortunately, our careers tend to be boring as we get used to the same old routine. Waking up, heading to the office, interacting with colleagues and clients, and going back at home in the evening. We can probably use our hobbies to money making projects. However, the issue is debatable as it has its pros and cons.

Steps of turning the hobby into a career

  1. Outlining your strengths and weakness:

One should start by first identifying their strengths and weaknesses. When noting these points, it is essential to be completely honest. One may opt to consider enrolling in an institution that will help to boost the professional skills. It may be costly to hire a professional like a Personal Assistant to assist in running the business. Therefore, one can start by managing his or her business by overseeing every aspect of the business before it develops.

  1. Come up with a professional niche to assist in the hobby:

Most people would prefer to start by selling their services online. This can be first established by coming up with a business plan. Providing quality services to the customers is essential. All the new businesses do face enormous competition from those that have already been established. For example, in the case the business involves printing t-shirts and selling them online, one should ensure that the brands are quality to fetch a broad audience.

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  1. Start small and think big

Every big organization developed from a small business idea. Therefore, one should work hard to see his or her business grow. It is advisable to remain in the initial job while still starting the new job. This will help to ensure that has capital following before the new business stabilizes. It is always essential to exercise caution when taking risks. It is recommended to start on the short-term goals that don’t require the huge investment before proceeding to the long-term ones.

  1. Market your business:

It is essential to let other people know what you are engaging in. Putting your business in the limelight is one of the ways of attracting new customers. One means of promoting the business is advertising it on the social media. Another way is coming up with a professional website to reach out to the online customers.

  1. Join other professionals in the field:

This is essential as it allows networking which is advantageous for the business growth. This helps to notify one on the possible markets. It also enlightens on the risks to avoid. Several professional organizations have websites which they regularly upload educative materials. Though some organizations require one to pay an individual membership fee, it is profitable as it helps one to operate as a professional.

The advantages of operating a hobby as a career

  1. Operating a hobby as a business is fun:

It is an excellent opportunity to make money from something that one enjoys doing. It is more fun spending time on what one loves doing. About 80% of people in Linkedin do not enjoy their careers. Actually, only about 6% of the Americans enjoy their careers. Thus, moving from a boring career to what one is passionate about is inspiring. Though the starting may be depriving, the ending may help to recoup the entire amount spent in initiating the plan.

  1. One operates independently:

In such cases, one operates comfortably without relying on the employer. However, it is essential to set up some goals which will ensure that one saves time. Operating a hobby as a career may help to top up finances gained. In the case where one loses his or her job, the side hustle may help to avoid financial crises.


  1. May be stressful:

Hobbies are best enjoyed when one is carrying them out without worrying about finances. However, in the case that they have been changed into business, one may keep wondering whether they are generating any profits. This may make the one enjoyed activity to be strenuous.

  1. Difficult in balancing with the activities.

Initially, it may sound difficult trying to balance between a career and newly started business. This may affect the general conduct of business. One may proceed to work at night and daytime, depriving the time that would otherwise be spent interacting with friends and families. It may also be overwhelming to continue operating in the initial career and the new business.

  1. Accumulation of taxes:

Every citizen is required to file their annual taxes. In the cases of a new business, one is faced with a new challenge of paying the taxes. The situation is made difficult if one had missed considering the issue of taxes while planning. One might also incur other costs while hiring other professionals like accountants and web developers to run the business.